Insights into Equestrian Shirts and Pants

When it comes to equestrian gear, both style as well as quality do matter a great deal. It is advisable not to skimp on either just to cut costs. The way you look influences the way you carry yourself around, and the way you carry yourself ultimately affects how well you perform in the competition. When your equestrian outfit fits perfectly and looks nice, you will notice a difference in both your posture and how you ride.

Ease of movement while riding a horse is the key aspect that quality apparels meant for horse riding can provide. The stretch materials out of which these clothing items are made offer riders comfort in mounting, riding and dismounting a horse. They are designed to make the experience much more comfortable and enjoyable.

1. Equestrian Clothing Insights

riding-apparelBesides a show coat, the other part of equestrian apparel that judges will notice is a rider’s shirt. Getting the right fit is key to creating the correct image with trim appearance while enabling you to ride safely and effectively. Therefore, make sure you choose a shirt that is form-fitting yet allowing you the necessary freedom of movement. Kastel Denmark offers plenty of varieties of ideal horse riding shirts as we shall see later on.

2. Breeches and Jodhpurs

Ladies Breeches are available in plenty of styles not to mention front-zip, pull-on, side-zip, low-rise and full-seat. You will want to ensure that your breeches maintain the overall trim as well as professional look of your equestrian clothing. Pay attention to fabrics when shopping, in order to have a trim fit with stretch for movement.

Jodhpurs refer to those riding pants featuring an elastic cuff which you wear over your horse riding boots. They are essential especially if you are having paddock boots on. When sizing for jodhpurs, measure your inseam plus an extra inch with your paddock boots on. If you intend to wear them in the show ring, make sure to find a color that matches with your show jacket.


If you are looking for a reliable equestrian apparel maker whom you can trust with your horse riding shirts needs, look no further than Kastel Denmark. This company is no doubt one of the most popular and trustworthy makers of equestrian apparels out there. Their products are known for UVR protection, uniqueness and minimalist look. Offering the pop of color that you need to look your best in the competition, these professionals make it easy for you to enjoy the ride of your life with maximum comfort and elegance! Their equestrian competition grade shirts are designed with lightweight fabric along with hidden inner button collar and pearly cuffs to get you out to the racecourse in flamboyance.